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The Academy


We are all about personal and professional defense and carry a complete line of products and services to satisfy that need. So, before purchasing your next firearm or accessories, talk with our experts. No one else can offer you the insight of staff members who WORKS with, TALKS with, TRAINS with, sees and shoots with hundreds of firearms and the people that use them each year.

We will help you select the gun and accessories that are right for you, and often times, we can let you shoot the firearm you wish to buy before you purchase. We have over 100 different firearms at our rental counter available to test fire.

We are also unique in that we ONLY carry guns that have demonstrated reliability. If we do not sell a particular firearm, it is usually the result of seeing it fail here on our range.

Additionally, we specialize in defensive firearms and we carry the largest selection of quality handguns in the Metroplex.

By the way, we are always looking to buy quality used Guns. Bring in your used guns and we will give you an honest appraisal of what the gun is worth. We will also give you a fair price for the gun. Unlike many gun stores we don’t try to make a huge profit on used guns by giving you a low price and marking it up exorbitantly. We give a fair price based on the following factors. Age of the firearm. Condition of the firearm (using the Blue Book criteria.) Local demand for the firearm and the amount of time we have to have it on the shelf before it moves.

DFW Gun Range
DFW Gun Range
DFW Gun Range