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OC and Baton for Security

THIS COURSE IS LIMITED IN AVAILABILITY AND IS OFFERED ONCE EVERY QUARTER. This is a packaged set of training courses that include Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC, ASP or expandable baton. This course is a focused curriculum on the use of these defensive tools specifically designed for the certification of the Texas security officer.

This class will give you a thorough understanding of how pepper sprays work on an assailant, the legalities associated with their use, and how to deploy pepper spray quickly and effectively. You will learn how to use unarmed self defense skills to gain the time necessary to use the sprays. And you will even get to practice those defenses and spray an attacker with inert spray during simulated confrontations.

You will also gain confidence in the use of the ASP or any baton-type impact weapon. You will learn to form the weapon into an extension of your body, and use it safely and effectively. You will be able to perform all techniques full force on striking bags. We will teach you threat assessment and verbal commands. We will also discuss the use-of-force continuum and laws concerning the use of batons.

The benefits to this training program are a reduction in officer/subject injury, reduced exposure to civil/criminal liability, reduced workers compensation claims and an increase in officer safety.

Subjects Covered:

Oleoresin Capsicum

  • Keeping from spraying oneself
  • What happens if you are sprayed
  • Keeping an assailant from taking your OC
  • Multiple assailants
  • OC on animals
  • Legalities of carry.


  • Safety with batons in training and self-defense
  • Vital points of the anatomy
  • Grips of the weapon
  • Ready positions
  • Snapping, shocking, whipping, and interval strikes
  • “Loaded”, tip, and butt-cap strikes
  • Punches and angle cross strikes
  • Thrusting techniques
  • Attack and counterattack combinations
  • Multiple opponent drills
  • Retention of the weapon against grabs
  • Weapon nomenclature, types, styles, and sizes
  • Weapon selection, maintenance, repair, and carriers available.
Required Equipment:

If you have an Expandable/Straight Baton, please bring to class, otherwise we will have one to borrow; Mouth guard.


There are currently no scheduled classes for this course. Please check back soon.